The following computer software, apps, and websites can help you do things like read faster, watch videos faster, write more, discuss philosophy more easily, and have a nicer life.

This list leans towards mentioning stuff available for macOS and iOS, but includes some stuff available for other platforms.

Reading & Listening

Voice Dream Reader - iOS & Android
Text-to-speech app you can use to read books and articles on your phone.

Spreeder - Free web app
Free Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) web app for rapid reading. The company behind the web app has software for Windows, Mac, and iPhone/iPad as well.

Outread - iOS
Speed reading app.

SpeedUp Player Pro + - iOS
App that lets you greatly speed up playback of audio files for faster listening.

Instapaper & Pocket - Multiple platforms
Apps/sites that let you save content for later reading/watching.

Read Aloud - Chrome Plugin
Text to speech in your Chrome browser.


Ulysses - macOS & iOS
Markdown editor.

Text editors - varies by platform
TextEdit comes included with macOS and is okay; you can also try Atom, Sublime, or Notepad++.


VLC - Multiple platforms
Video player.

Video Speed Controller - Chrome Plugin
Lets you speed up most videos on the web when watching them in Chrome.

SpeedUpTV + - iOS
Lets you watch videos at 2X on your iPhone.

Video Speed Up & Down, Playbex - iOS
Speed up videos right from within mobile Safari.

English & Grammar


S-expressions diagrammer.


Webster's 1828
Webster's 1913
Cambridge Dictionary
The Free Dictionary
Oxford English Dictionary
Online Etymology Dictionary
American Heritage Dictionary

Web Tools

uBlock Origin - Multiple platforms
Block those ads.

Vienna - macOS
Free RSS reader for macOS.

Distill - Website / multiple platforms
Get notified when websites change.


MailMate - macOS
The best Mac email client.

Thunderbird - Multiple platforms
Free email client. Many plugins available.


Get Discord and you can participate in philosophy discussions.

Audio/Video Tools

ScreenFlow - macOS
Record your screen and edit the footage.

Audio Hijack - macOS
Record audio on your computer, filter it and do stuff like remove background noise in real time. Very cool.


Dropbox - Website / multiple platforms
Cloud file storage.

Backblaze - Multiple platforms
Cheap cloud backups.

ABBYY FineReader - Multiple platforms
The best Optical Character Recognition software I've tried.

Otter - Website, iOS, Android
Automated transcription.

Calibre - Multiple platforms
eBook software suite. Can be used with a plugin to remove DRM from Kindle books. Google "DeDRM Calibre" for more info.

Useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are bookmarks that run Javascript code on the page you're currently on. They can do various useful things.